This is a very small library but powerful enough to create most of your mockobjects for you. The ones it can't create, you can leverage the library to create.


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All MockLib Examples

  1. Basic Examples - Basic Examples to help get started
  2. Listener Example 1 - How to mock listeners
  3. Listener Example 2 - How to test listener implementations
  4. Timer Example - How to test a Timer that goes off in 24 hours in just milliseconds
  5. Returning Mocks from Mocks - How to mock out a more complicated api.
  6. Advanced Example - A more advanced example combining things from different examples above
  7. Simulating Network Connections - Example on how to simulate network connection failures
  8. Running Snippets of Code - Example on how to tell a mockobject to run a snippet of code and why this needs to be done sometimes